Having your wisdom teeth removed may seem like a scary experience, even for someone who is at home in the dentist’s chair. Unfortunately, these pesky teeth are known to wreak havoc on the mouth as they attempt to come in. You might experience common problems like your wisdom teeth growing in at an angle or a partial eruption. They may even become impacted. 

No matter what the problem is with your teeth, there may come a day when it makes sense to simply remove them. If they are causing you too much pain, set up an appointment with us to discuss possible extraction. 

Extractions can be done in a number of ways depending on your level of comfort and the procedure being done. It is completely possible to remove a tooth without the need for full sedation. If we will only be removing one tooth, you might need just a local anesthetic. On the other hand, we might recommend full sedation with a general anesthetic if you will be having multiple teeth removed. 

During an extraction, the gums are typically cut open to reveal the tooth beneath. The tooth itself is wiggled until it is loose enough for your dentist to lift it directly out of the gums.  If the tooth refuses to come loose, it may need to be broken into several parts first. 

Depending on how the tooth needed to be removed, a few stitches could be required to close the incision. Soluble stitches are the most common for oral surgery because they disappear with time and eliminate the need for you to have a follow-up appointment. 

Keep in mind that having an extraction performed will require some rest on your part. You will not be able to eat or drink as usual for a few days following your procedure. It is best that you stick to soft foods that do not require chewing like jello, pudding, yogurt, soups, and other liquids. Even your drinking will be restricted - you should not drink anything with a straw because the sucking motion can loosen your stitches. 

When you leave our office, we will send you home with gauze packed into your mouth. Your surgery site will bleed for the first twenty-four hours so change this gauze out as needed. Make sure to keep your head propped up so that you do not prolong the bleeding. 

We understand that your face may be in pain and you may suffer from some swelling. Feel free to use an ice pack on your cheeks and face to help with that. In addition, your dentist will likely provide you with a prescription for pain medication to help take the edge off for the first couple of days. 

Having extractions can make many people nervous, but knowing what to expect is key. If you have teeth that are causing you pain, be sure to come see us. We can help guide you through the process and make you as comfortable as possible when the time comes. 

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