Here at Bonasso and Kime, we’re proud to offer emergency dental care in Fairmont, Mannington, Pleasant Valley, and the rest of Marion County. Get in touch with us if you’re experiencing any type of dental emergency, and we’ll see you right away. No one should have to suffer with serious pain or health risks. We’re here for you.

What Is a Dental Emergency?

Many different oral health conditions can qualify as a dental emergency. Let’s talk about pain. Mild pain in your mouth that isn’t disrupting your life or causing you to function properly is not a dental emergency. In cases of mild pain, you can book an appointment with us, and we’ll see you as soon as we can fit you into our schedule. In cases of serious pain, on the other hand, you’ll be able to book with us the same day. Intense pain could be an indicator of serious oral health problems.

There are a variety of other oral health problems that could be dental emergencies. We’re going to detail these problems and the best ways you can care for yourself while you’re on the way to visit us for emergency dentistry.


As detailed above, whether or not a toothache can be considered an emergency depends heavily on how painful it is. Wash your mouth out with warm water and try to floss away any objects that might be lodged in your teeth. For mild toothaches, acetaminophen should do the trick; you can also find some over-the-counter numbing agents for your gums. Remember that painkillers only mask the symptoms; they don’t solve whatever is causing your toothache. Book an appointment with us. 

For serious, debilitating tooth pain, don’t wait; book an emergency same-day appointment with us.

Knocked Out Permanent Teeth

When a permanent (adult) tooth is knocked out, there’s a good chance you can save it! Find the tooth, then pick it up by the crown, not the root. Gently rinse off the tooth with warm water; do not use anything but water to rinse the tooth. Do not dry the tooth, and don’t wrap the tooth in anything.

You’ll want to try to reinsert the tooth into its socket. You can gently push it in, only handling the crown, with your fingers. You can also position the tooth and slowly close your mouth over it. If you can’t reinsert the tooth, put it in a glass of milk. Come and see us with it right away; time is of the essence.

Knocked Out Baby Teeth

Knocked out baby teeth tend to be a bit less urgent than knocked out permanent teeth; after all, they were going to come out anyway. You can still book a same-day appointment with us. Follow the same instructions as above for handling the tooth but don’t try to reinsert it; put in milk right away. Our dentists will then determine if it’s best to reimplant it. 

Bleeding Mouth

When you’ve cut or bitten your lip, cheek, or tongue, you can usually control the bleeding yourself. Make sure to wash your hands thoroughly, and wear medical gloves if you have them available to avoid infection. If you don’t have medical gloves, you can use layers of clean fabric.

Sit up and tilt your head forward to avoid swallowing blood. Apply pressure on the wound with a clean cloth; if blood soaks through the cloth, replace it with another one. Do this for 15 minutes; the bleeding should slow to a trickle or stop. If it does not, don’t call us; go to a hospital emergency room right away.

Broken and Cracked Teeth

When there are salvageable pieces of tooth, put them in a bag for us. Wash your mouth with warm water and put a cold compress on your face to reduce swelling. Come see us right away.

Lost Fillings or Crowns

When the crown is in one piece, you can try to reinsert it on your own. Wash your hands thoroughly, rinse the crown with water, then reinsert it in the tooth. Bite down gently on a cloth or compress in order to keep it in place, and come see us to make sure the crown has been reinserted properly. For broken crowns, come visit us right away.

Broken or Fractured Jaw

Use a cold compress to try to control the swelling. Go to a hospital emergency room immediately.

Broken Braces

Broken braces are rarely considered a dental emergency, but you should get them checked by your orthodontist as soon as possible. Braces can break in a number of ways. With a broken bracket, applying orthodontic wax to hold it in place can be useful if it’s still attached to the rest of the braces. When it’s loose, remove it if you can do so easily. Broken or loose wires should be covered in orthodontic wax to stop them from damaging your gums and cheeks.

Rinse your mouth with salt water in order to promote healing when your broken braces are causing you grief. Eat soft foods, and book an appointment as soon as you can.

Object Caught Between Teeth

Try to remove the object using dental floss. Do not try to remove it using your fingernails or hard objects; you could damage your gums. When it’s impossible to remove using floss, get in touch with us to get the object removed. You can use acetaminophen to help control any resulting pain.

Not Sure If It’s An Emergency?

Call us! We’ll be able to quickly determine the urgency of your oral health problem over the phone. We can give you tips if it’s a non-urgent matter to stay healthy and relatively pain-free until your appointment. When it is an emergency, we’ll tell you exactly where we can fit you into our schedule same-day; for some emergencies, we’ll see you right away. Never hesitate to get in contact with us about any dental emergency or oral health problem you might experience. We’re Bonasso and Kime, and we’re here for you.

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