Are you unhappy with the way your smile looks because you have misshapen teeth, small gaps, or stained teeth? Dental veneers are an effective way to recreate your smile so it will be a more beautiful shape and color without major orthodontic treatment. We use them to correct many common issues that people face, including: 

  • Stubborn stains
  • Cracked teeth
  • Spacing issues between the teeth
  • Chipped teeth

A veneer is essentially a thin ceramic shell that is installed over top of your existing tooth or teeth. We can place just a single veneer to correct a cracked tooth or we can install a whole mouth full of veneers to radically alter your smile. 

The process for dental veneers is relatively simple and will only require two or three office visits from start to finish. We will begin our first appointment by helping you identify exactly what it is that you want to accomplish with your new veneers. This allows us to create a plan and sets the stage for the work that will come during your next cosmetic appointment

First, we have to prepare your current teeth for the application of a new veneer. This involves reshaping the surface of the tooth in an amount equivalent to the thickness of your new veneer. Depending on the amount of work we will need to do, our dentists may recommend a local anesthetic. 

If you are anxious or afraid of dental procedures and want to do multiple veneers, let us know during the first appointment and we will discuss sedation options with you. 

Once the teeth have been prepared, we take an impression of your new teeth shapes. The impression is sent away to a laboratory to have your veneers custom-made to fit your teeth. It may take up to two weeks for us to receive the dental veneers back in our office. In the meantime, we will give you something temporary that you can wear for those two weeks. 

We will get you back in the dentist’s chair as soon as possible once your official veneers arrive in our office. They might feel a little strange at first but you will quickly come to treat them just like your natural teeth. You can still eat and drink most things without fear of ruining your new smile. Keep in mind that these new veneers can still be stained just like your regular teeth, so you may want to avoid drinking coffee or red wine. 

Dental veneers may not last you for a lifetime, but they are a long-term investment. Many people find that their shining smiles last for more than ten years before their veneers need to be replaced. Be sure to protect your investment by keeping up with your maintenance and good oral hygiene practices in between your appointments. You can do your part to make them last longer by coming to see us every six months for your dental hygiene maintenance and check-up! 

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